A mother swan swimming with her 8 cygnets on Rouken Glen Pond

Rouken Glen Park is alive with animal and plant species.

Find out more about the plants and animals of Rouken Glen from our Plants and Animals Pages.

These pages also contain downloadable identification sheets.

The following surveys have been carried out in the park.  They can be downloaded from the related documents section.

Animal Surveys at Rouken Glen Park
Document Name
Winter Bat Survey - 2011                  
Otter etc report - 2011
Breeding Birds Survey - 2015

Plant Surveys at Rouken Glen Park
Document Name
Botanical Survey - 2011                    
Bryophytes Survey 2015

Healthy Duck Food

Whilst it is fun to feed the ducks, too much bread in our pond sinks to the bottom and its decomposition creates an unpleasant smell.  Bread is not a natural food for ducks and too much of it can make ducks fat, making them too heavy to quickly fly away from predators like foxes.  Healthy snacks to feed ducks are bird seed, unfrozen peas, broccoli and other green vegetables.  More information at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-31903778