Rouken Glen Park hosts a number of events for other organisations

Events Area

Increasingly Rouken Glen Park is being used for major events such as the Highland Games which regularly attract more than 10,000 visitors to the park.

We want to encourage even more events in the park and to help accommodate these we have identified a dedicated 'events area' near the boating pond and Davieland Road entrance to Rouken Glen Park.

It is hoped that the park can attract a wide range of events such as music concerts, cultural events and outdoor theatre, etc.

Armed Forces Fun Day 2014

To encourage greater use of the park, and avoid the need for lots of generators, power sources are available in the events area. This facility can accommodate catering vans and refrigeration units as well as support light and sound systems.

To book this facility please call the Parks staff on 0141 577 3913 or email:


Ranger Events 2020

Electric Glen Pond Image

To be placed on the mailing list, which will keep you updated on upcoming events, please email Katy on:


Stars Over Rouken Glen

Friday 24th January


Glasgow Astronomical Society, in co-operation with the Rouken Glen Park authorities, will take you through the night sky on view and, if the weather allows, let you see through some of the Society's telescopes to see for yourself some of the wonders of the night sky. If the weather does not allow us to view the heavens on the night, we will present a lecture or two on astronomical subjects we hope you will find interesting.

There will be ample time to ask questions on telescopes, the solar system, Galaxies, black holes and any other astronomical topic that you always wanted to know about but were afraid to ask!


The events programme will be updated in the New Year


The Druids of Caledon

  • The Druids of Caledon function as an open and informal group who believe in doing good for the benefit of all life on earth.
  • Free admission and any religion.  Children welcome and when outside animals are also welcome.
  • Meet outside the Pavilion Visitor Centre if the weather is poor and at the tree circle across the waterfall if the weather is fair.
  • Please note that the above times and meeting location are subject to change.
  • Please check back regularly for any changes.
  • For more information email: